Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 already

The year in which I turn forty (how did that happen?). New Year's resolution is do something nice for myself every day. Anyone who knows me at all well, will know being nice to me isn't something I'm great at, so this is quite a resolution.
Day 1: not only had a bath, had a long, hot bath.
Day 2: went for a swim.
It's back to work tomorrow, and a new job at that, so that will be when testing the resolution really begins.

The progress towards sentences by the young boy continues, as evidenced by 'noise...daddy...warm', which can be unpacked as '[I can hear a] noise[. It's the water running.] Daddy [is filling the kettle to boil water, which he will use to make my milk] warm.' More usual, of course, is 'No, Mommy, no' as we fight over every imaginable boundary possible.

Family quotes that made me smile this week:
Boy to chocolate bar (Kit-Kat): 'Meow, meow' (the cat obsession continues).
Boy re: Communion Wine: 'Mommy juice'.
Husband on realising that we had Hob Brite because he had refused to let me throw it away despite not having a hob that could be cleaned with it for the past 3 years: 'I'm a nut job, but hurrah for me'.

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