Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve services

Currently trying to decide if staying awake for midnight mass/communion is a good idea (am guessing I'll stay up for long enough to be exhausted, but not actually go). Only ever made it to a midnight service once, when my little brother was wee: this was then declared verboten as he, rightly, declared it Christmas and wanted to stay up and open all his presents. One, a little stuffed donkey, was allowed. Which brings me on nicely to tonight and the crib service at St. Mary's Ely. We went not only because of the rather nice timing - 5pm and it really was only half an hour - but drawn by the lure of real sheep and donkey. Vicar of Dibley eat your heart out. (Not really, the sheep stayed outside and the carpet the donkey trod was covered in something plastic and protective). Was expecting major fallout once the donkey moment was over, but it was saved by some camel puppets (Cameron and Camilla). Cameron was the not so bright one. Wasn't sure if this was political satire or not. Too many years of watching/being in the Carol Service drama at SBC perhaps. (Just checked out their rather flash website in order to put in that link: the lady second from the left along the top is my old Girls Brigade captain and a LEGEND.) Anyway, whether I make midnight or not, and make it to a church or not, I can tick 'crib service' off the list of services I haven't been to. Now to go wrap some presents I officially haven't bought...

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