Thursday, 27 December 2012

DIY Mom on the fly (2)

3 years ago, more or less exactly, I knew I'd be heading to the maternity unit any time soon. Since then I've had a rather sedentary lifestyle. The body is bearing the brunt, so 28 Dec 2012 seems a better day than 1 Jan 2013 to try again to change things. Not sure I need to change the DIY-on-the-fly-ness though. Told myself I wasn't bothered about making the boy a cake, until late in the evening when I suddenly decide to make a lion cake: no recipe, no design, just lets do it. Not really into competitive parenting, so just got to hope the boy can tell the difference between a lion and a flower. My mom said 'Meow' when I showed it to her; that's animal at least.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas is a coming!

The toilet roll Nativity lost some impetus, but the Christmas tree decorations got made, even if there was neglible interest from the toddler. Christmas Eve sees me over-cooking the cake for pudding tomorrow and dispensing neurofen to said child with fever.