Friday, 13 January 2012

There and back again (but with many less adventures)

So, I was sadly right about the good intentions/resolutions not lasting long, viz. nothing more to report on that front. Been quite a time actually as the larger of the two boys has been ill for some time. Spent most of last week saying, 'look I don't have to go to this conference', to be told, 'no, no, you go, we'll be fine'. Until the night before the conference. Then it was no longer fine. Then 24 hours later a reversal of opinion had me getting up at 5am to start the taxi, train, train, conference journey. Two papers in before I got summoned back south: taxi, train, train, train, train. The elder boy has gone back into work today. Hoping he does not exhaust himself as I would like five minutes off this weekend!

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