Monday, 31 May 2010

A (bank holiday) day in the life of...

1. Get up again (obviously you have already been up to feed the small child)
2. Get self and 2 boys organised for swimming pool and out the door
3. Have stressed parent type conversations on way to bus stop
4. Get to pool and hunt for/fight for your right to use a family changing room
5. With the baby look longing at the real swimming pool, whilst splashing ineffectively in the more babyish pool
6. Do the return fight back home
7. Start to make the lunch you planned to take as a gift to a very new mother tomorrow, but realise you have neither appropriate cookware nor recipe
8. Buy cookware but plough on without recipe
9. Admit there may be a place for recipes, and hope that your friend does not primarily eat with her eyes, nor, come to that, her tastebuds
10. Get nearer to washing off the horrid chlorine that is still all over your skin (don't worry, the baby got a bath as soon as we got home, I'm not that cruel).

Sunday, 23 May 2010

To sum up May so far....

C is desperate to crawl but can't.
I'm pretty desperate not to go back to work, but its looming, and I have to spend the next week in the library.
We pretty desperately need to move house, but haven't yet (this is one reason its good that C doesn't yet know how to crawl).