Thursday, 23 October 2008

Today I was brave, if lacklustre

This is not bravery on the heroic scale for most people, but for me definitely "A Brave Thing". What could constitute such a description? Nothing less than actually asking the lady at "The Stroke Clinic" for some advice on my swimming technique. Did she mock me for my size, fitness or technique, or generally make me feel like a little squished ant? No, of course not. She was perfectly nice. But I have been putting off approaching her for months now, hence the claim to bravery. Swimming, and in particular the breaststroke, is one of the few things that come quite naturally to me and which I feel confident I'm OK at, so to invite criticism is not an easy path. In other sporting news it looks as though I may still be trying to complete the Vets Head in December as this week's erg was considerably slower than last week. And before you suggest it, clearly the intervening week of lardy-arse-ed-ness has no bearning on this result whatsoever.

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