Friday, 3 October 2008

I'm supposed to be swimming

I'm supposed to be swimming the English Channel for Aspire but am finding it hard to find the time (or is that the motivation?)

The first week went quite well. The challenge requires an average of 118 lengths per week and I did 180. But then I didn't go at all for almost two weeks until yesterday. Let me tell you it hurts when you haven't been for two weeks.

As per usual with me, I sign up for a challenge thinking 'this will force me to do exercise' and mostly don't train and then have to pull a ragged performance out of the hat on the day. Can't do this with this challenge though, not unless I want to try and swim 19 miles in one day (which I don't and couldn't).

There was also an equipment failure. Another pair of goggles bit the dust, or rather got eaten by the chlorine. Swimming with one eye shut is harder than you'd think, so I should probably buy (yet another) new pair. They just don't seem to last very long at all, even with my infrequent pool schedule.

Clearly I ought to be in the pool today, but am on 'awaiting DHL delivery duty'. Although some might say that's just looking for an excuse...

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