Saturday, 18 October 2008

My afternoon of coxing...

Today was the Cambridge Autumn Head. This meant:
  1. a little bit of rowing (in division 1)
  2. quite a lot of coxing (divisions 3 and 4)
My prediction is that the crew from division 3 will have been the fastest, having had the benefit of having been chased most of the way by a college crew. Other rowing news is that I have exchanged the 'Shed of Doom' (Graduate Society erg room) with the 'Attic of Pain' (Christs' erg room). Having not sat on an erg for over three years (and over four with any determination), it was a shock to the system to have to use one of those aptly named machines. So you might be wondering why I subjected myself to this? The Vets Fours Head. It's in three weeks time. And I'm supposed to be doing it. What else can I say but 'erg(h)'.

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