Thursday, 13 November 2008

Things I am not fed up of (2)

Brown speckled eggs. Being a towny, and having my views based pretty solely on the comments of my father, another towny, I have always thought the brown, speckled eggs are somehow 'better' or more 'healthy'. It's not something that's easy to explain. I have had it pointed out to me by an excellent German friend that this is rubbish. Each year at Easter she bemoans the difficulty of getting white eggs in the supermarkets, because she wants to dye them for Easter and the colour and decoration just doesn't take as well on brown eggs. She puts the lack of white eggs on sale in the supermarkets down to a general and ignorant British feeling that brown eggs are 'better'. It sounds plausible to me. But, depsite that, I still like brown speckled eggs. And I get particularly excited when feathers are involved.


DrBMBridge said...

My boss' boss raises all different breeds of chickens on her property and brings them in during the spring and summer for me to bake with. I get all sorts, white, brown, speckled, marbled, green (Aracuna (sp.?) chickens), duck eggs, goose eggs. When they're literally free range like this the only difference I see between white and brown is in a) the color of the yolk - the white eggs are a bit lighter in colour and b) the ratio of yolk to white - more white from a white egg. They all taste extremely fabulous though.

Theb said...

The irony of this post is that I don't like eggs - not in the boiled, poached or fried sense, anyway.

DrBMBridge said...

How about in cake though, hmmm?