Friday, 7 November 2008

The requisite amount of faffage

Just how much faffing is required when it comes to trailering boats? It always seems to be disproportionate to the task in hand, and tonight was no exception. If you also want to take 2 hours 20 mins to trailer two fours, you will need:
  1. an organiser who is the only person who knows where the trailer is etc. etc. to turn up at least half an hour late
  2. several of the trailerage crew to not show, and a bare minimum to show at all
  3. to increase the number of trips needed between the boat house and trailer by as many times as possible by forgetting trestles, boat ties etc. etc.
  4. to not notice until you come to tie the boat onto the trailer that you have less than half the necessary number of ties, and so need to send out to the shops

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