Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Things to do in Ely when you're wee....

...(being the purported reporting of an almost 9 month old)

When you're very little you still know that the best things in life are, indeed, free. And these include the best things to do, such as, watch the rubbish and recycling trucks, watch the effect of the breeze on trees, play with your shadow, and make friends with the little person in every reflective surface.

But, since the school-term started up again, we've found a few other things to do. You can go to a variety of play-groups. We went to the Under 1s group at the Olive Tree. It wasn't great for Mommy since, obviously, its hard to plunge into a group who have been bonding together for the past nine months. But since we mainly went to reintroduce Carl to the concept of other children, it was ok.

We've also been to Rhyme Time at Ely library. As the first session after the long break, it was full to oversubscribed, but again good for reintroducing C to babies. I suppose I had thought it would be more singing, having attended Baby Music back in Milton, but it was more speaking the rhymes, often only once through, which I thought was silly as kids love repetition. Nevertheless it's free and, we hope, continuing, forthcoming Cambridgeshire county library cuts notwithstanding.

The only other baby centric activity we've done in Ely so far is swimming. C has had two lessons now - once with Daddy and once with Mommy. The pool isn't great (quite cold at 29C), and the changing facilities for babies are awful, but he enjoys it, so that's that. The swimming will continue when he goes to nursery (very, very soon).

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