Friday, 2 July 2010

I may be about to do something really stupid...

...yes, that's right, I may actually be going to turn up to the Race For Life in Cambridge on Sunday. It seemed so obvious a move to make myself take some exercise to sign up for this event three months ago. However, I can count on two hands the number of walk/jog type activities I have engaged in since then, and only one of those in the past month. Just thinking about it sends me scurrying to the kitchen to "carb-load". I'm no longer wondering if I will beat my slowest time to date, and instead wondering if I'm going to make it around the course. Frankly I wouldn't be turning up but another recent mother is planning to use me as her excuse for not being able to jog it all, so it would hardly be sporting not to, even though she has been training and I'm much more likely to be a ball and chain around her heels. So, for my fourth attempt, with basically no training, I wonder how I'll do. The track record so far is:

1999 somewhere oop north, viz. Newcastle: with Rach and we did train, but by gosh it was awful, can't remember how long it took, at least 35 minutes, possibly 45. It was a flat race and a hot day. And then we thought we'd go on to do the Great North Run. Oh my.

2003 somewhere else oop north, viz. Gateshead: another hot day, this time on a hilly course, and it took 22 minutes. And the training had been immense as I was fully engaged in a schedule with the future hubby to get us around the Great North Run.

2008 Cambridge: no running training occurred but plenty of rowing and swimming, a flat course and a fairly remarkable 21-22 minutes.

2010 Cambridge: life as a pillow with ready access to caffeined sugary confections hasn't been too kind, so we can only wait and see. If I don't blog again for two months, send someone to Jesus Green to see if I'm ok. Don't worry too much though, I've learnt my lesson about the Great North Run.

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Theb said...

30 minutes.