Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Poor Mr. Asbo once more

Unable to prise the camera out of husband's grip the weekend I wanted to take pictures of our local celebrity, I'm reduced to directing you to the news stories that follow.

I was glad to see that during the chaos that is University Bumps measures had been taken to protect the swans and cygnets, all the more so as I had by then been told (?reliably) that Mr. Asbo had lost all his young in 2008 during this event. Sadly between Bumps ending on the Saturday evening, and the swans again being protected on the Monday evening when a race was being held, one of the cygnets was killed.

If I read again that the swan is interrupting people's training, I'm going to suggest they go for a swim and see how they like oars whacking them. Grrr.

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