Friday, 12 December 2008

Breaking the silence

It's been a trying couple of weeks for our girl, but she thought she ought to blog before December is completely past. She's off to Illinois on Monday to visit the parents-in-law (who are internet free) so radio silence will be enforced. She doesn't have much to report as she hasn't been rowing (although the Christmas Head is tomorrow!), and doesn't feel like she's done much else either. But, one bright spot was of course going to see David Tennant in the RSC's latest production of Hamlet. The whole production was FANTASTIC. She'll never be able to tell how it compared to Ken's Hamlet of 1992/3, as she never got to that production, but she suspects well.


rach said...

Ooh, v jealous - glad you enjoyed it!

Theb said...

I am so glad I saw it before DT slipped a disc in his back. I'd be gutted to have missed this performance by a luvvie as well.